Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check out our Booksigning!

From left to right: Linda Mooney, Robyn Wren, Diana Castilleja, Emma Sanders and Ciara Gold. Not pictured - Celia Yeary.

On October 4, five of us gathered for a booksigning at the Hastings in San Marcus. Wow, what a fabulous day thanks to the efforts of Diana Castilleja. We all showed up around 2:00 PM and the store managers welcomed us like we were queens and we were. We had the perfect spot, right in front so no one got by us without a howdy-do.

We stayed until 5:00 PM when most of us had to leave and the store kept quite a few copies to place on their special local author's shelf.

I love these group signings because we get to visit with each other about industry issues and life in general. Overall, a fun ladies' day out. They say group signings aren't good because they are more intimidating for the customer but I think single author signings are just as intimidating. Some people just don't like talking to strangers but the folks we encountered that day were all gracious and inquisitive.


Diana Castilleja said...

Great Shot! I can't believe they let us in. LOL ;)

Sandra Ferguson said...

Great picture, and you all look like you're having so much fun, which is the point of book-signings.

Congrats on a great day.