Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forever Faithful is now out in print!

Forever Faithful is now out in trade paperback. Here is a blurb.

Love is like a flame, some days it burns bright and others it dwindles. Faith is the forge upon which love is strengthened to steel.
LUCAS and GAIL JOHNSON live the idyllic life on their ranch near the small town of Stony Creek, Texas. The one thing they want but don’t have is a child created from their love. Will an unidentified body pulled from nearby Possum Creek and a single night of indiscretion shatter their dreams of happily ever after?

Check it out at Champagne Books. View the book trailer at

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Celia Yeary said...

Linda--beautiful cover. I'm sure the book is as good. Have you noticed very few people come to this blog? I forget about it, and when I do look at it, it seems no one ever leaves a comment. All the others are fairly busy, but this one--we need some traffic. Just a thought--Celia