Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Review for Love's Immortal: Pantheon

Pantheon Full med

4 STARS from Romantic Times!!!

Congrats everyone!  Here is what it says:

"Mythology is the inspiration for this collection, which resonates with lust, love and liaisons.  These seven tales offer fresh takes on the gods, portraying them as flawed individuals with the same desires as the mortals they hunger for.  Their randy love-play, include menages and orgies, makes for a titilating read.

Summary:  Drea is afraid of "Becoming Persephone" when she hooks up with Hades in Dagmar Avery's story.  Aphrodite sends "Erato" on a special mission where he finds love. in a story by Cat Johnson.  In "Hephaestus Lays Down the Law,' by Tilly Greene, the god of the forge taches his unfaithful wife, Aphrodite, a lesson.  Iriana becomes "Pluto's Offering" when she's accused of being a witch in Selena Illyria's tale.

Can Edmond and the goddess Selena find a future together in "Seduction in Moonlight," by Diana DeRicci?  The vampire Drakon and his human lover, Esra, forge a "Dark Bond" with the goddess Nyx in a tale by Eliza Gayle.  And "The Spoils of War" entitle Ares to a beautiful young virgine in Kayleigh Jamison's story."

Gail Pruszkowski

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