Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My first release is now 6 months old. So, to celebrate this "birthday" I invite you to check out my website , read an excerpt and blurb, then go to and purchase either the pdf version, or the print--NOW available direct from the publisher! You do not need to go through Amazon. This new system gives the author a little more in royalties. I'm wondering--does your publisher provide this service? I'd never thought about it, but I love the new system. If you don't wish to spend any money, download my Free Reads on the publisher's website: The Wedding Auction and Merry Christmas, Victoria. Thank you, and happy reading, whatever you choose. that's what summers are for!!! Celia Yeary

ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS-a Texas Historical
Available in eBook: The Wild Rose Press
Available in print:, B&N

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