Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unbound Trust is Live!!

Unbound Trust Cover

Aiza Clan Book 3: Unbound Trust

By: Diana Castilleja | Other books by Diana Castilleja
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60767-081-0
Word Count: 69,000
Heat Index

Categories: Paranormal/Horror Suspense/Mystery

Available in: Adobe Acrobat

Price: $3.99
Brooke Aiza has returned home after staying with her Aunt Jerry for more than a year to learn she's an aunt herself by her brother, and her sister is married! Overwhelmed by the changes taking place with her siblings, she begins to feel more than a familial affection for her new brother-in-law, and sees no escape except to put distance between them until she leaves for her parent's home.

Mitch isn't interested in any woman, content with his life. Mostly. Even his brother senses a restlessness building within him, but for what? Then when Mitch suffers a major accident, he and Brooke are all but confined to the same house, and he is left trying to remember why he didn't want anything to do with women. Because the more he sees of her, the more he needs her kiss.

The resurgance of an amulet into the sibling's lives changes everything, for the amulet can control them all. It will take two to destroy the evil stalking the Aiza family, and if Mitch refuses to face his feelings and Brooke can't overcome her hesitations to form a deeper trust, the opening of the gates of Hell could be the result.

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Print Releases December 15th!!

"You're family. Family is everything to the Aiza clan," she stated.

"Is that why you agreed to stay here with me?"

Her gaze flickered away, cooling to two dark pools. Those coffee brown orbs were enigmatic, bewitching. Mitch knew of no one else with eyes like them.

"Mostly. The rest of it is personal and very boring."

"So far, your family is not boring. I doubt you are," he told her honestly. "I know you are not boring," he clarified quietly. Her chin lifted, bringing her up to his searching gaze, her mysterious depths grabbing his thoughts. Mitch wanted to lean forward, to be closer, touching her. He felt a surge of wanting when she licked her lips, felt it in his groin as heat pooled. The need to feel her lips against his own was so strong, a fire in his blood. Forcing his body to relax, he managed to stay right where he was. Why did he feel so drawn to her?

Her attention returned fully to him. "Have you heard from Roman?" She glanced at his laptop under the phone table.

Regaining his composure, he replied, "No, I haven't checked."

"I'll be right back, if you want some privacy," she offered and glided down the hall to the restroom. What was the saying? She looked beautiful walking up and even better walking away? It may not happen today, but he was going to get another kiss. He had to. The fact that he couldn't explain the first one just didn't seem to be deterrent enough.

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