Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm in the Top Ten!

Last month a Google alert brought my attention to a poll I'd been completely unaware of. Some of you may be familiar with Preditors & Editors, a website dedicated to listing the good, the bad and the ugly in publishing ( Well, apparently every year they also run a poll for readers to find out the best of the year in writing. My book, They Call Me Death, was listed in the Thriller category and tied for ninth place.

To say I'm pleased would be a vast understatement. I'm ecstatic! However, I'm very surprised at being nominated in that particular category when there was also Romance or Science Fiction & Fantasy to choose from. My book is about a human woman and a man who can shift into a Golden Eagle. They eventually fall in love. Romance or Sci-fi/Fantasy, take your pick. I guess there are some thrilling elements in the story and I'm certainly NOT complaining. I'm just...surprised.

So, now you will see a nifty logo on my homepage stating that I'm in the top ten for 2009 at my website. Anyone who finds me in a forum or chat room may have to hear about it too. And, if you're a close friend or relative you will be receiving a "Thank you" email for voting. But, I promise not to gloat...too much.

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