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Out today! Alpha Awakening!

Alpha Cover


Alpha Awakening

By: Diana DeRicci | Other books by Diana DeRicci
Published By: Purple Sword Publications, LLC
ISBN # 978-1-936165-34-6
Word Count: 37,993
Heat Index

Categories: Vampires/Werewolves Paranormal/Horror Erotica

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML, Mobipocket, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Rocket, Epub

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An afternoon spent avoiding his sister places Rush Donovan on a collision course with Fate. Interrupting a possible violent disturbance brings him face to face with the one woman he never wanted to meet.

His mate.

... a beautiful love story. ... endearing and well done.

Tina / Two Lips ; 5 Kisses


Rush walked into his house, hearing the television from the living room.

"Hi!" his sister shouted.

"Hey," he called back. He went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, but after several seconds, closed it, not finding what he wanted. He wasn't exactly sure what he wanted, either.

No, that wasn't true. Rush knew exactly what he wanted. Kay had officially set his world on fire, and he doubted she even knew it. He blew out a frustrated breath. His entire body had been a living ache since he let her drive away.

"What's that for?" Sheridan asked, slipping up behind him to sit on a bar stool, an eyebrow arched in question. "Have a hard day of nothing?"

Cool tile from the kitchen outward to the rest of the house kept that much from becoming a blistering inferno, but from the inside out, Rush couldn't tell if it was him burning hotter than a volcano or the summer sunshine heating the house through the windows.

He crossed his arms and leaned back on the hip high counter, not exactly ready to share his find with his sister yet. He was even less able to explain Kay to Sheridan. He couldn't explain something he didn't understand himself and do a good job of it, so staying quiet for a few minutes seemed to be the best idea he'd had all week. "Don't you have a boyfriend somewhere? Or two?"

"Ha. Ha. He's in Chicago hosting a client."

Rush knew Brant was in marketing. It was more than he needed to ever know about Sheridan's love life. The only thing he ever wanted to know was if her boytoys were pack and from whose territory, so when he's called out for some indiscretion, he knew how to handle it. Sheridan wasn't a player with young hearts, but an unsettled female could stir up trouble like a hornets' nest in a high wind.

"What happened to you?" She frowned, meeting his glare while resting her chin on a raised fist. "What's got your tail in a twist?"

He guffawed. "You would say that," he accused, foregoing a real answer.

Sheridan shrugged, grinning madly. "Younger sister privileges. Besides, someone has to harass the pack alpha every now and then."

He smirked. Rush knew his sister was good at it too, and not just because she was his second. "Nothing. There was a ruckus at the Hut. Some guy trying to intimidate his ex."

"Jerk," she muttered with a glowering frown.

He felt the same way. "He was."

Kay on the other hand… He crossed his ankles trying to restrain the pounding throb beneath his zipper. It had been a constant battle since the first sound of her velvet voice that afternoon. It wasn't a reaction he was used to. It was one reason he'd sat and talked for so long. He'd had a noticeable problem within two seconds after following her mouth on the edge of her cup. Supple, dusky lips that looked soft and delicious, slick with the whipped cream from the top of her coffee. He'd imagined every second of leaning over and licking her clean himself from that moment on. And he hadn't been limited in his imagination to her lips.

The thought of tasting her lips, the curve of her jaw, the delicate skin beneath her ear and even burying himself in the thick mass of her hair had kept his blood heated and racing through him all afternoon. Smooth skin had teased him, visible beneath the filmy blouse she'd worn. Lithe and delicate, he'd wanted to lick every visible inch, and then find out what wasn't. More than once, he'd had to forcefully bring himself back to what they were discussing because as much as he'd fought it, he couldn't ignore what she did to him. Now, after almost an hour and distance, the burn had mellowed, but it was there, like a hidden spark from a wildfire, waiting for the chance to burst into a rampaging blaze all over again.

At one time, he'd waited, prayed and hoped he'd find his mate, his match, the one woman who would stand by his side as a leader to his pack and a companion for him, but after watching his mother wither away following his father to the grave, falling in love had ceased to be that much of a necessity.

Rush had thrown himself into the pack, into raising Sheridan, and his work. At not quite fifteen, it was that or go into foster care for a year and be separated from Sheridan permanently. He refused to let that happen. He had no choice but to pick up the pieces, and with the help of the pack, tie their broken home back together. So far, he thought he'd done a decent job. He'd earned his detective badge the year before, after being on the street force since he was twenty-one. Sheridan was in college learning all that CGI art stuff that he had no hope of understanding. He couldn't lie, least of all to himself. He wanted Kaisha, but wanting sex and wanting more were different animals to him. One he refused to bend to, the other, his only choice, was to ignore because sex with Kay…

He drew a steadying breath, remembering not to groan with his sister so close. The sex would be incredible. It would be what he'd always craved.

It would be the end of everything he'd worked so hard for.

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