Friday, April 30, 2010

RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA is the Number 1 Best Seller!


Congratulations! Your book RUNNER’S MOON: CHALLA is the Number One Bestseller for the month of May at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid! Every book in the RUNNER’S MOON series has reached the Number One position, and this is your twelve overall Number One Bestseller with WCPT!

RUNNER’S MOON: CHALLA will be featured on the WCPT Home Page all month as the Bestseller, and be permanently “red lettered” as a Number One book at the WCPT site.

Again, congratulations from all of us at Whiskey Creek Press!

Debra Womack, Publisher
Jan Janssen, WCPT Executive Editor
Steven Womack, Publisher
Whiskey Creek Press LLC
"Publishing award-winning authors since 2003"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New! CODE 30 by Gail Smith (Linda Mooney w/a)

A novella of paranormal horror
by Gail Smith (Linda Mooney w/a)
From Red Rose Publishing
Word Count: 33.3K

Hi. My name is Alexis Hembree, and I’m a cop. My partner and I are good at our jobs, except we don’t tend to work what others would call a “normal” beat. For some reason we draw evil to us like flies to sugar.

Sometimes there are things in this world we can’t explain or anticipate. But when they cross that line between their existence and ours, when they show up, we have to deal with them as best we can.

Some cops fight criminals. We fight something that never should have existed.

303 Lexington St.

It was a crack house. Except, in this case, drug dealers went in but they didn’t come out. Not alive, anyway, but in body bags. What’s more, if everyone who went inside ended up being shredded to death, who was doing the killing?

Georgie Porgie

The killer targeted women. Young, old, prostitutes, business women, it didn’t matter. One moment they would be walking down the sidewalk in the middle of town, and the next what was left of their bodies would be found in a nearby alleyway. Devoured. That’s why I had to be the next one to walk the streets. To draw out whoever was doing this. To be his next victim.

The Goodbye

He murdered young girls by crucifying them with ice picks. He was slick, elusive, and heading for our city. My partner and I were damned and determined this murderer would get no further. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my head on the job. Neither could I ignore the weird-ass dreams I was having about this deviate. This case was becoming more personal, more foreboding, and more dangerous with each passing day. And there was no damn way I could avoid what I dreamed would be the final outcome.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chase the Wind is out early

It wasn't supposed to be out until the end of May, but my publisher released Chase the Wind this week as an early bird!
It's the second in the Eaglekin series, featuring a people capable of sharing the thoughts and feelings of eagles.

Vontae towered over him. “You will not experiment on any of our people. Only her.”

“I don’t understand you. Are you saying she is not an Eaglekin? Then that opens up entirely new possibilities.”

Vontae hissed in exasperation. “She was born of our people, yes. But she is tolin sha.”

“To lin...?”

“Gah!” Vontae’s patience had stretched so thin that it snapped.

Santil stretched out her arm. She could feel the blood rising to warm her cheeks. Even here, on a task of her own free will to help her people, she was still considered of little consequence. She would receive no sympathy for her pain either. Should the Mystic require a finger? Cut hers. A limb? Hers is not necessary. Staunch the blood? No need. Leave her to live or die as she will. What did it matter to them what happened to a tolin sha?

She struggled to keep her gaze demurely lowered; after all she’d been through, all she’d learned about her strengths and weaknesses, it was shreddingly difficult. This is for all Eaglekins. This is for the Chief General, she told herself, complying and stretching out her arm farther beneath the Mystic’s long nose. She could do this thing. She would. It was nothing. She had endured far worse.

Cantigal looked at her uncertainly beneath thick craggy brows. “You’re sure then?”

“Go on. Get it done.” Holding her arm still, Santil braced herself.
Instead of the burning she expected there was a cool draft as the door flap was flung aside.

“Mystic Cantigal, my brother needs--what in the name of the Maiden are you doing?” The Chief General’s younger brother flew into the tent and clamped his hand down over the Mystic’s arm, halting the eagle talon’s descent. With the same fluidity of movement he maneuvered himself in front of Santil, shielding her neatly with his larger size as if she was clearly under threat.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonight, I'm hosting Linnea Sinclair!

This week I'm hosting Romantic Times Convention authors, and tonight I'm delighted to have Linnea Sinclair reading an excerpt from one of her sci-fi romance novels on Other Worlds of Romance over at Blog Talk Radio.  Show time is at 11 pm est, and the call-in number is (646) 727-2932.  After her reading, we'll open up the microphones to callers, and she'll also answer questions from the chat room.  So join us! 

Upcoming Chats:
Wed., April 28 - Caridad Piniero
Fri., April 30 - Tara Nina

A former news reporter and retired private detective, Linnea Sinclair writes award-winning, fast-paced science fiction romance for Bantam Dell, including Finders Keepers, Gabriel’s Ghost, Games of Command, Hope’s Folly and her latest bestseller, Rebels and Lovers. Her books have won or finaled in the RITA, Sapphire, PEARL, Prism, and other regional and national contests. Sinclair is also a John W. Campbell Award nominee. When not on duty with some intergalactic fleet—or playing human slave to her spoiled felines—you can visit her at

Friday, April 23, 2010

Team Missy Jane walking for the March of DImes!

Team Missy Jane will be walking for The March of Dimes this weekend! Donate for a chance to win a team t-shirt! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Romantic Times Best Selling Authors on Blog Talk Radio!

On my Blog Talk Radio show Other Worlds of Romance, I'm hosting several NY Times and other best selling authors during the Romantic Times Convention in Ohio!  Come listen in as they read excerpts from their award winning books!

Upcoming shows:

April 19th - Leanna Renee Hieber

April 21st - L.A. Banks

April 23rd - Keena Kincaid

April 26th - Linnea Sinclair

All shows are at 11 pm est.  Please note they are for Mature Audiences Only.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bellona's War Ribbon / Diana DeRicci

Available Now!!


Love's Immortal Panthoen 3: Bellona's War Ribbon

By: Diana DeRicci | Other books by Diana DeRicci
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60767-102-2
Word Count: 24,900
Heat Index
Categories: Paranormal/Horror Time-travel Erotica
Available in: Adobe Acrobat
Price: $1.99

A persistent obsession with a goddess could jeopardize one man's sanity, or could give him eternal love.

An Ancient Civilizations Professor has hungered for one woman for over twenty years. The only problem--she
hasn't existed in millenia. When he is swept from modern times to the birth of the Roman Empire, he thinks his
sanity has finally snapped.

All he wants is to have one chance to love her.

If he can win the heart of the Goddess of War, he might find more than any obsession could ever promise.

Buy here!


Curran’s head ached and his mouth was dry. His room smelled dry and stuffy. He needed to air out his condo again. Rolling over, he tossed an arm upward to capture his free range pillow. Thunder filled the morning. Great. It was Saturday, maybe he’d just stay in bed.
Only…that wasn’t his pillow under his hand. Heavy wool scratched his back and hips as he shifted to find a comfortable position. When had his mattress ever felt so flat? Flexing his fingers, he stroked something hard…hard and stone. Stone?
Blinking, he jerked up on stiff arms and froze.
*! We’re not in Kansas anymore. Focusing, he examined his space. Stone walls soared all around him. Flat masonry with dedicated religious carvings, and a single slit window well overhead. He was in some kind of sleeping quarters. Listening, that wasn’t thunder either, but the sound of marching. Thousands marching.
Swallowing with uncertainty, he sat on the edge of his bed, a single layer ticked cot. He was naked. He shook himself. His mind was only playing with him again. Though, like Bellona speaking the night before, this was far more real, well beyond anything he’d dreamed up over the years. “Easy,” he whispered cautiously.
Only… *!
He wasn’t speaking in English anymore!
Lifting his hands, he scrubbed his face. Callouses surprised him. Shudders rocked his shoulders. Faint sounds reached him through the plank wood door. Apparently the only way in or out of his…space? Cell? God if he knew. He knew in a few minutes it would disappear, or he’d wake up, in his own room. He had to. None of this was real. It never had been. Now was no different.
He believed that for about another fifteen seconds.
Standing he stretched and felt his heart pound again. Now this was too much! That was not his cock! Hell, this isn’t my body! Long and lean at thirty-three, the frame of his body now was anything but the tell-tale make-up of a bland college professor. Holding out his hands and arms, ropes of muscle climbed his arms to broad shoulders. A thick chest and lean waist was held up by muscular thighs, and dark, fine hair coated his skin, from his pecs to his navel.
Trembling, he sank to the edge of the bed where he’d awakened.
Dark hair? But I’m a blonde! Curran whimpered helplessly inside. Closing his eyes, he breathed at a measured pace for several minutes, surprised and grateful when his lungs and chest eased and the fear clenching his heart died away.
Looking over his shoulder, he spotted a wooden table with a wash basin and pottery pitcher. Striding over, he poured clear water into the bowl then splashed his face. A few drops hit his chest and he flicked them off, shaking his hands after dousing himself. Bracing his hands on the wooden edge, he counted. Yet when he opened his eyes, the room was exactly as he’d seen when he’d first awakened. Definitely not home.
“You are so screwed,” he muttered. In Latin. His brain wanted to curl up in a corner and quiver. He clearly remembered dragging his sorry ass to bed last night after his meltdown. Clean sheets and a queen bed. What was he missing? Sweeping the interior space there were no answers, but one definite. This was not his room.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA Scores 5 Cups from Coffee Time!

Challa Doon is a Ruinos, an alien who crash landed on Earth with several other of her kind. She does not know if the others survived or not as they all got separated. Now she works for a carnival as a sideshow attraction and she is called “Challa, the alien girl.” Challa’s people are shapeshifters, and Challa can appear as a human during the day.

Compton Scott is a veteran of the Iraq War. He has come home because he was severely injured causing him to lose his leg and a piece of another part of his anatomy. He is glad to be home, but relatively withdrawn.

When Compton’s best friend Max talks him into going to the carnival and checking out a side show called, “Challa, the alien girl,” he goes along for something to do. Of course the fact that his friend has brought a blind date along for him does not help, but he goes anyway since it is Max. He is very surprised at how authentic Challa looks, how she does not look as though she is wearing a costume. He does not believe in aliens, but he finds himself more than a little intrigued by her. He hides in the tent when everyone leaves and then comes out to try and talk to her. Challa takes one whiff of the man who has the temerity to approach her and nearly freezes; his scent has proclaimed him her blood mate. However, before Compton can really talk to her or she to him, a co-worker chases him from the tent. Fortunately each take matters into their own hands and they are able to find each other later in the evening. Plans are made for the next day and they are able to hook up again, this time with Challa in her human form. It becomes apparent very quickly that they each have feelings for the other that they have never had for anyone else of the opposite sex before. However, Lawson, the man who owns the carnival will not let Challa go easily since she is the reason the carnival is solvent. On top of that, Challa and her people escaped from a slave ship and the Arra, their enslavers are looking for their lost cargo. Will Challa and Compton be able to stay together? Will their budding love survive all the obstacles?

Wow! Runner’s Moon: Challa Book 4 has to be one of the best science fiction romances I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year! I absolutely loved the fact that Challa and her people do not look even remotely human. So many sci-fi romances the alien looks and acts human with just some minor variations. However, this was not the case with this story. The fact that Compton was able to accept Challa in her alien form and had absolutely no problem loving her anyway makes this story outstanding. The lovemaking scenes are sexy and emotion-filled with just the right touch of eroticism. While I have not read the first three books in this series, after reading this one I plan to. Still this book can easily stand on its own. If you want to read a really fabulous science fiction romance, then I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of Runner’s Moon: Challa Book 4 because it is so worth it!

Coffee Time Romance and More

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New contemporary erotica out today!

My new erotic novella, Two Week Trial, is now available from Ellora's Cave Publishing. Here's a peek:
Hi. My name is Mari. I’m of average height, average weight, average looks and I hold an average position at Hardy’s All Goods, my personal version of retail hell. To sum up, I’m nothing special. So why has Devon Campbell, the city’s Most Eligible Bachelor—and my unrequited high-school crush—suddenly crashed back into my life, claiming I’m the one who got away?

Devon can’t possibly want to keep me for the long haul, right? My screwed-up past is enough to make anyone run screaming in the opposite direction. Still, he’s determined I give him a chance…and I’d be crazy to turn down his offer of a two-week trial.

Want more?

-Missy Jane
*make reading a guilty pleasure...*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a party!

April 1st, but it's not April Fool's!

Today is the one year anniversary for one of my publishers PURPLE SWORD PUBLICATIONS! I'm very proud to be a part of this publisher, and all the hard work they put into providing excellent stories--and all the hard work they put me through to give them those stories!!

Well, in celebration, PSP is doing a giveaway! You heard it, a new Sony E-Reader! Click the link to learn the rules, there's only a few and they're very simple!


As usual, no purchase necessary. Share this with your friends! Help us celebrate our first milestone, and be a part of the celebration!