Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chase the Wind is out early

It wasn't supposed to be out until the end of May, but my publisher released Chase the Wind this week as an early bird!
It's the second in the Eaglekin series, featuring a people capable of sharing the thoughts and feelings of eagles.

Vontae towered over him. “You will not experiment on any of our people. Only her.”

“I don’t understand you. Are you saying she is not an Eaglekin? Then that opens up entirely new possibilities.”

Vontae hissed in exasperation. “She was born of our people, yes. But she is tolin sha.”

“To lin...?”

“Gah!” Vontae’s patience had stretched so thin that it snapped.

Santil stretched out her arm. She could feel the blood rising to warm her cheeks. Even here, on a task of her own free will to help her people, she was still considered of little consequence. She would receive no sympathy for her pain either. Should the Mystic require a finger? Cut hers. A limb? Hers is not necessary. Staunch the blood? No need. Leave her to live or die as she will. What did it matter to them what happened to a tolin sha?

She struggled to keep her gaze demurely lowered; after all she’d been through, all she’d learned about her strengths and weaknesses, it was shreddingly difficult. This is for all Eaglekins. This is for the Chief General, she told herself, complying and stretching out her arm farther beneath the Mystic’s long nose. She could do this thing. She would. It was nothing. She had endured far worse.

Cantigal looked at her uncertainly beneath thick craggy brows. “You’re sure then?”

“Go on. Get it done.” Holding her arm still, Santil braced herself.
Instead of the burning she expected there was a cool draft as the door flap was flung aside.

“Mystic Cantigal, my brother needs--what in the name of the Maiden are you doing?” The Chief General’s younger brother flew into the tent and clamped his hand down over the Mystic’s arm, halting the eagle talon’s descent. With the same fluidity of movement he maneuvered himself in front of Santil, shielding her neatly with his larger size as if she was clearly under threat.

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