Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll Be at APOLLOCON This Weekend!

I'll be signing copies of my newest release this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 25-27, at APOLLOCON 2010.  It'll be at the DoubleTree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX.

For more information about guests and programs,
go here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Want reasons to go to Authors After Dark? Then read on....

Authors After Dark is the premier FOR READERS BY AUTHORS event. Why? Why does it differ from other cons out there? Well heres a helpful list of WHY:

~AAD is the cheapest con out there that FEEDS YOU 5 MEALS. For the $140 registration, you get 5 meals(2 lunch, 2 dinner and 1 breakfast). NO other con is doing it for that price

~ AAD is the only con that offers a full vegetarian option for all meals. not just a veggie plate, you will have choices like veggie wraps, salads, pasta dishes...

~ AAD is the ONLY romance con that is doing a GLBT track and have GLBT publishers sponsoring and supporting. Readers will be treated to some of the best GLBT authors out there on panels, and doing parties, and over 200 GLBT books are being given away from MLR press! Other publishers involved include Dreamspinner Press, Phaze and Loose id.

~AAD is giving away over 2400 free books to attendees! Books from such amazing publishers as Kensington Books, Ballantine, Dorchester, Phaze, Tease Publishing, Changeling Press, Ink Spotters and MLR Press!

~AAD has some special book giveaways as well, opportunities you wont find anywhere else! Authors like Joey W Hill, Rosemary Laurey, Jacquelyn Frank, Susan Sizemore and tons of others! Attendees can expect Special signed books, tshirt's and ARC's galore!

~AAD is doing a fantastic charity basket raffle with over 50 baskets! Attendees can win such amazing baskets as Kate Douglas' back list, a fabulous book basket from Gena Showalter or Maggie Shayne, ARC's and special goodies from Cynthia Eden, a much coveted goodie basket from Joey W. Hill and many more! And this year you can enter to win a NOOK, itouch and maybe even an IPAD!!!!

~AAD is the ONLY romance con that treats Bloggers like royalty! Bloggers (like the booksellers at RT) will have their own welcome event Thursday night, including each receiving a special bag of books (ARC's, single signed books and special premium promo items) and some amazing opportunities to interview authors! The Blogger party will be populated by Authors, industry and staff, so you will be guests of honor!

~AAD is the only con that offers FREE ALCOHOL (Wine and mixed drinks) for the entire weekend! Also, AAD is the only Romance con that has a Con suite where attendees can visit all weekend, get snacks, goodies and enjoy author sponsored events!

~AAD's night parties are second to NONE! Our friday event has games and speed authoring, sure to give you the face time you want with the authors you love, special door prizes and a room full of fortune tellers, our fantastic Mystical Maven's event! And Saturday? A Masquerade party with a costume theme of Literary characters! And you could with an amazingly fab prize for winning the costume contest, so stay tuned for that.

That not enough reasons? Well how about out attending authors! they include: Jacquelyn Frank, Silvia Day, Susan Sizemore, Joey W Hill, Jennifer Armintrout, Judi Fennell, Rosemary Laurey, Bianca D'Arc, Leanna Renee Hieber, Caridad Pineiro, and some of the stars of the GLBT world Carol Lynne, Laura Baumbach, Kris Norris, Leigh Ellwood and many others!

Check out out website: and get registered today! You know you do not wanna miss this amazing con! We will see you there!

Friday, June 11, 2010

You could win a copy of FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS!

Hello, Everyone!

Well, if you don't know by now, my next book is due to be released June 15th. FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS is an erotic paranormal/fantasy romance novel coming from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. It is my only wolf/shifter romance.


Croat was a Lupan, one of the half-man, half-beast creatures long thought to be extinct or fabricated from fairy tales. Lupan were folklore, nothing more than a myth.

Tora was a Sensitive. Her kind really existed, and normal people feared Sensitives because it was common knowledge that all Sensitives were evil and practiced the dark magicks.

Captured and thrown together inside Baron Agrino’s dungeon, they discovered a connection between them that defied all reason, and a love that transcended all boundaries.

But is their love strong enough to stop the baron from what he’ll do with every Lupan he plans to capture? Or, worse, what he’ll do with Tora once he learns what she is?

Warning! Contains torture, imprisonment, severe beatings, nasty bad guys, public nudity, molten wax, old wives' tales, forest folk, bad horsemanship, and lots of pissed off townspeople.

To read an excerpt, go to


I will be giving away FOUR copies! Here's how you might win one!

1. Monday night, June 14th, from 11-11:30 pm est (10 pm cst), I will be reading an excerpt from my book at Blog Talk Radio on Other Worlds of Romance. Afterwards, I will choose someone from the chat room to win a copy. You can get there at

2. On Tuesday the 15th, someone from my personal eloop list will win a copy. If you want you name to go in the hat, all you have to do is join , then email me back and say so!

3. On Tuesday the 15th, I will be having a chat on the LoveRomancesCafe eloop from 6-10 pm est. During that time I'll be giving away a copy.

and finally

4. I'll be on Tilly Greene's Big Huge Reader Contest Blog on Wednesday the 16th. You can reach it here All you have to do is comment that day, and I'll pick one of the comments as the winner!

Thank you, and good luck!

2009 Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Author of the Year
Author of 10 Consecutive #1 Best Sellers
Sensuous Romance with a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Flair

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A new installment

It's only taken.... Oh... Um.... two years. LOL But...

The next installment of the Shadowed Souls series will be releasing later this month. I'm thrilled to see new blood (No pun intended) invigorating the storyline of my brooding vampires. Yay!


Seeking redemption from his inner demons, peace comes from the least likely of sources. 

After existing for three hundred years, Joaquin Ramirez has fought the last nightly battle for his sanity. Rather than relinquish his tenuous hold on humanity, to not become the soulless monster that lives within him, he has decided suicide is a more honorable death. Until an unknown voice whispers from the darkness to literally shout at him—'coward'.

Lily Jaspers is an enigma to Joaquin. A woman who has been abused, her internal pain shrouds her telepathic words. Yet she is living with, protected by, the very creatures Joaquin has no trust in—the Brethren. Maniacal and cruel, the Brethren are the vampire society as it is known, and feared, by humans. They are soulless beings who were once men of honor, like Joaquin. The one he faces who protects Lily is, in fact, the most adept and strongest he's ever met. The whole situation intensifies when the home where he found the holder of the enchanting voice is attacked by a human force that leaves no doubt none were expected to survive.

Fleeing under the cover of night sets a path for both Joaquin and Lily that neither will be able to escape as danger from her past, alongside the secret of his reality, threaten not only them, but the freedom Lily and her friends have fought so hard to achieve. A freedom that can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

For more information about this series, visit my website:

Diana Castilleja

Diana Castilleja || Diana DeRicci

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Unbound Trust || Coming Soon!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's All About Who You Know

When I decided to celebrate my 35th birthday with my readers I wanted to do something big. It all started when Patricia Briggs came to town and I bought an extra copy of her book, Moon Called, for her to sign. I thought giving it away on my site would be great, but how? I put the question out to my online friends and there was no shortage of offers to help. Who knew I had so many creative online buddies? Within a couple of days the idea for a Birthday Blog Tour took shape. At first I wasn't certain I would have enough tour "stops" but lo and behold, I know more people than I realized.

My Birthday Blog Tour will have 13 stops, not including the 2 Coffe Time Romance forum activities I decided to include at the last minute. Then the 14th will be the biggie. A brand spankin' new blog on my website. The page is ready but right now it's blank. Just give me until the end of the month to think of something clever to post besides the grand prize winner.

So, if you like books, pens, t-shirts, bookmarks, mousepads, cards with half-naked men on them (er, I mean book covers), then be sure to follow along on my tour all through June. Each time you comment on a blog you're entered to win for that day. If you win or comment at the CTR forum you'll be entered to win the grand prize. Like to have a visual to entice you?
Check my website for the blog schedule: Good Luck!
-Missy Jane
*make reading a guilty pleasure...*