Friday, June 11, 2010

You could win a copy of FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS!

Hello, Everyone!

Well, if you don't know by now, my next book is due to be released June 15th. FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS is an erotic paranormal/fantasy romance novel coming from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. It is my only wolf/shifter romance.


Croat was a Lupan, one of the half-man, half-beast creatures long thought to be extinct or fabricated from fairy tales. Lupan were folklore, nothing more than a myth.

Tora was a Sensitive. Her kind really existed, and normal people feared Sensitives because it was common knowledge that all Sensitives were evil and practiced the dark magicks.

Captured and thrown together inside Baron Agrino’s dungeon, they discovered a connection between them that defied all reason, and a love that transcended all boundaries.

But is their love strong enough to stop the baron from what he’ll do with every Lupan he plans to capture? Or, worse, what he’ll do with Tora once he learns what she is?

Warning! Contains torture, imprisonment, severe beatings, nasty bad guys, public nudity, molten wax, old wives' tales, forest folk, bad horsemanship, and lots of pissed off townspeople.

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I will be giving away FOUR copies! Here's how you might win one!

1. Monday night, June 14th, from 11-11:30 pm est (10 pm cst), I will be reading an excerpt from my book at Blog Talk Radio on Other Worlds of Romance. Afterwards, I will choose someone from the chat room to win a copy. You can get there at

2. On Tuesday the 15th, someone from my personal eloop list will win a copy. If you want you name to go in the hat, all you have to do is join , then email me back and say so!

3. On Tuesday the 15th, I will be having a chat on the LoveRomancesCafe eloop from 6-10 pm est. During that time I'll be giving away a copy.

and finally

4. I'll be on Tilly Greene's Big Huge Reader Contest Blog on Wednesday the 16th. You can reach it here All you have to do is comment that day, and I'll pick one of the comments as the winner!

Thank you, and good luck!

2009 Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Author of the Year
Author of 10 Consecutive #1 Best Sellers
Sensuous Romance with a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Flair

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