Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why August is Gonna Rock!

It looks like August is going to be the month of contests, and everyone is giving away great prizes!

From Ellora's Cave:
Over the years, many of our EC authors have told us that readers have thanked them for spicing up their sex lives—with themselves and their partners. So, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we asked readers to tell us how our books have improved their sex lives, and we offered prizes for the best answers. Boy, did we get some interesting answers! Several months ago, we gave netbook computers to winners of the video portion of the contest. Today we kick off the written portion of the contest by announcing the winner of Judges' Choice Award.
The Readers' Choice portion of the write-in contest begins next week. Every week for seven weeks, we will run a batch of entries for readers to vote on. The winner of each week's batch will win a free ebook of his or her choice and will become a semifinalist. Entries of the semifinalists will go into a final round of voting just before our 10th anniversary celebration at our convention RomantiCon ( ) So be sure to check our Sex Talk for Wicked Women blog every week to read and vote on the entries,

From The Long and Short of it Reviews:
The Long and the Short of It is celebrating their third anniversary! A scavenger hunt starts on Monday, August 2nd and runs through Friday, August 27th on various author websites.  We’re finishing up the party with a crazy, wild, and busy two day chat on LASR and WC Yahoo groups and a chat on Sunday with Aurora.
I'm participating in the scavenger hunt as well: Missy Jane's site

And last, but not least, Romance Junkies is also hosting a summer contest:  Contest
Answer the trivia question by reading the excerpt from my erotica, Resignation, and be entered to win a Missy Jane t-shirt.

Good Luck!
-Missy Jane
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