Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new launch and a new release!

Hi all! I wanted to share that a new press has launched today, Etopia Press http://www.etopia-press.net/ and as part of the launch, I have a new contemporary M/M release, XAVIER'S WAY. Feel free to check out the site and see who else is launching with me today!

Xavier's Way

By Diana De Ricci
LGBT (M/M) Contemporary Romance
Novella: 34,090 words
ISBN: 978-1-936751-04-4
Heat Level: 4
Warning: This book contains graphic erotic content (including male/male sexual content) which some readers may find offensive.

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Nailing an embezzler got him so much more than money…

Xavier De Los Santos is on the brink of financial ruin. Stratler Homes has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Xavier's best vendors are refusing to work with him. Worse, he knows who's responsible: his embezzling ex-fiancée, Lindsey.

Jordan Belten is the accounting half of Belten and Belten, the prestigious law and accounting firm whose new client is pure gorgeous male on a stick. Jordan is more than pleased to audit Gorgeous's records, and find out if it's indeed the man's ex-fiancée who's brought a strong man like Xavier to his knees.

Ex-fiancé. Xavier isn't gay. Jordan didn't have a prayer…

What he did have were secrets of his own…

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Jordan managed to maneuver his butt to find the chair. His heart was pounding from Xavier's handshake. Even with a table between them, it didn't matter. He'd felt the shock of contact all the way to the soles of his feet. The man was utter deliciousness. Thick black hair, the kind of hair Jordan loved to delve his fingers into, and oh man, those eyes. Golden honey in a jar. A kind of brown that melted or blazed. Or, if he was lucky, both.

"And you're a desperate bastard to be perving for a client," he castigated himself. A straight client. As though he needed to remind himself. But apparently he did need to. He'd never seen or met anyone as gorgeous as Xavier. Even though the man was straight, he was knocking Jordan for a loop.
Today he was wearing ass-perfect black jeans, a gray button down shirt, and cowboy boots. He must have been on-site yesterday when he'd come to talk to Patton. Today, he looked business sharp. Jordan drew a breath. Life was cruel in so many ways.
Pages and files lay on the lacquered table in front of him. He was there to audit the company to find where his missing income had vanished to. The least he could do was that, hopefully without letting on how much he wanted the owner of Stratler Homes. Xavier's anxiousness showed he needed this done quickly, and Jordan wasn't going to fail him on it. He couldn't make it personal. Drawing a breath, he settled in to do his job.
Three hours later, he walked out of the conference room toward the assistant's desk, a splayed file held in his steady palm. "Gynna?"
"Yes?" He peeked up and outward and forgot what he was going to say. Xavier was just walking through the door into the building.
"Jordan?" Gynna nudged quietly.
His head swiveled numbly on his neck, his mind a blank. Gynna dropped a glance to the file in his hand, and he knew he couldn't hide the heat in his cheeks.
Shit! Come on brain, say something! "Could I see the vendor files and receipts for Encapsilon and MatRix, Inc?"
Xavier lifted a hand, halting her rise. "It's okay, Gynna. I'll get them. And when you see Todd, tell him I need to see him."
"Can do." She wrote down Todd's name on a pad at her elbow.
"The files you need are in my office."
Jordan took the hint and followed Xavier. He captured a single groping stare of that hard ass, tight enough to bounce quarters off of, a mental treasure for later, then returned to the papers in his hand.
Xavier pulled out a long drawer from the lateral file against one of the office walls, then flicked over the name tabs. "Pretty much anything you need will be in this drawer or the one below. The last is a catch all."
He took the two files Xavier handed him with a quiet, "Thank you."
Xavier shut the drawer then sank, distracted, into the chair behind his desk. His office was modern neat. No plants, only two framed pictures on the wood-paneled walls, with broad windows that viewed, unfortunately, the access road to the freeway they abutted. There were no photos on the desk. Had there been frames of Xavier and his fiancé?
"Was there something else, Mr. Belten?"
"Jordan," he replied absently, his mind still wondering about Xavier's ex.
"I'm sorry?"
He finally met that golden gaze and knew he was screwed. "Call me Jordan. Mr. Belten is my dad." It wasn't quite love at first sight, but Jordan knew it was the end of whatever hope he had for himself.
He'd fallen head over heels for a straight man.

Diana Castilleja

Diana Castilleja 

  Diana DeRicci 

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