Monday, April 25, 2011

Missy Jane's Character Reviews

I've decided I need to do more giveaways to my readers. However, I don't have a large back-list so I think exposing my readers to my favorite authors is the way to go. But, how do I do that in a different way than everyone else? Book reviews are already all over the internet, which is a good thing. However, sometimes when I get into a good book it only takes one crappy character to ruin the whole experience. I wish there was a list of characters to look out for, good and bad, rather than just books.

Now there is something akin to that on my blog. Once a week I'm going to do a character review rather than a book review. Then one lucky commenter will win that book. Easy as pie, right? So my first task is creating the book list. I read many different genres: horror, romance (ALL types), historical fiction and literature. However, since I'm a paranormal and erotic romance author, I think I'm going to start with one of those. Here's where you come in. Give me your wish list of books you want to know more about.Character reviews #1-3 are already posted and a schedule of the next few can be found on my site. Just read the review and answer the relevant question at the end by posting a comment. One lucky reader wins the book and then we do it all over again the next week.
Good Luck!
-Missy Jane
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