Friday, September 30, 2011

A DIFFERENT YESTERDAY Gets a TwoLips Reviews Recommended Read!

When 11-year-old Andrew Tollson's parents moved him from Texas to Maine, he had to sacrifice more than the only home he'd ever known. He had to leave the most important person in his life, next to his parents, behind.

Drew and 9-year-old tomboy JoeBeth Wythe lived in each other's pockets. They shared everything, including their first on-the-lips kiss. It tore them both up to be separated. And then the sun blew up, turning the Earth into a cold, barren wasteland. For years, neither knew if the other had lived through the apocalypse, but they never forgot each other, to the point that neither could make a go of a romantic relationship with anyone else.

After 17 years of training in lethal hand-to-hand combat, Drew has finally decided he has no other choice than to go back to Texas to find Jo. Or her grave. Mute, after the trauma of the vicious murders of his brother and parents by raiding scavengers, the pudgy little Drew has grown into a six-foot-two inch, muscle-packed killing machine versed in all the skills he'll need to travel by foot halfway across the country and arrive there alive. Along the way, he strikes without warning, to defend both himself and the innocents he encounters, and somewhere between Maine and Texas, people begin calling him the Silent Wraith. But to Jo – when he finally finds her, living in the hidden cave-compound of Promise, Texas – he is still her Drew.

On the day these two childhood sweethearts reunite, the sun catches fire again in their own private sky, but when Drew's violent night terrors threaten Jo's safety, he knows he has to again leave her behind. However, Jo isn't about to let him off the hook a second time. Setting out after him, she encounters more danger than the snowy cold. Scavengers have been raiding the Promise food stores, and when Jo stumbles into their path with no help in sight, where is Drew? Only if his heart turns him around, will Jo have a chance to survive at the hands of thieves who can't afford to leave a witness behind.

Having gone through several would-be publishers who dropped the ball – which is to their loss, I must say – on getting this wonderful book out to readers, I'd venture a guess that Linda Mooney's A Different Yesterday is a very different kind of love story than you've ever read before. Due to the sun going supernova – which isn't caused by “global warming” as one reviewer postulated – childhood best friends Jo and Drew believe they will never see each other again. On the surface, the string of events that lead Drew back to Jo after 17 years seem contrived, but as you come to know these two, you know that their relationship couldn't have evolved any other way. It goes to the premise that when destiny holds your future in its hands, what is meant to be will be, even under the most dire of circumstances.

I love Ms. Mooney's writing. I've read most of her books, and they've all been truly wonderful, but none of them has been, from cover to cover, as good as this book. A Different Yesterday will tear you apart and put you back together again. It will make you cry, so be sure you have some tissues on hand. It will make you smile and warm you all the way to the very bottom of your soul. It will even give you hope if your own future seems hopeless. It's simply one of the best books I've ever read, with one of the most touching endings imaginable. Don't miss it!

(You can buy it here, or at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, BookStrand, and Fictionwise!)

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Thanks to all the apps and programs out there, there is now the Kindlegraph, a digital page signing program for ebooks. If you have Kindle ebooks and would like an autograph, or a sentiment page, or a momento... You get it *wink*, then hit this link -->
It'll take you to all my books. It shouldn't take more than 24 hours for a respone. I'm pretty quick to get these out. And I'd love to get one to you!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Debut of a new author's loop and books!!

A new loop debut!

Hey everyone! I'm debuting my new author's loop DIANA'S SIZZLERS LIST. For the debut, I'm giving away an ebook title for every 20 who sign on, and when I reach 100, I'll give away a print book. So, that's six chances to win just for signing up! Check out the front page for the details of the loop. It's not going to be insane or anything (Well, maybe a little *grin*), but I hope you'll come join me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have a New Publisher and a New Contract!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have a new contract and a new publisher! Purple Sword Publishing will be putting out my next book entitled "Tit for Tat", a humorous erotic fantasy. More information to follow, so stay tuned!

Tate Truer's reality series as a survivalist in wild and uninhabited locales is about to have its plug pulled unless Tate can find a way to re-energize it.  He gets his wish in more ways than he imagines when he manages to dredge up an ornate bottle from the ocean floor. A bottle that contains a tiny woman, a genie, who is eager to grant his every desire as long as he grants hers first.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Resignation Now Available!

It's here!! Today is the re-release day of my erotic novella, Resignation. Sol and Darina's story has a special place in my heart because it was the first erotic novella I ever had published. It's been re-edited with a couple new scenes that give more insight into the characters. And once again I have the delectable Jimmy Thomas on my cover. I hope ya'll like it!


Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Lynn Graves has already cut her expenses to the bone. When an ad for a modeling job is brought to her attention, she simply can’t refuse the quick money. But once she meets the sexy photographer, it doesn’t seem so simple anymore.

Weston Myers is in a bind. Short on time, he’s looking for the perfect body since the face won’t matter. Now that he’s met Lynn, no one else will do, but breaking down her inhibitions will take patience. And when she gets under his skin, he’s desperate to have her luscious body under him… But he doesn’t have long to ready his artistic photo exhibit and convince Lynn she belongs in his bed. Hopefully in the end, she won’t be afraid of a few erotic images.

-Missy Jane
*Make Reading a guilty pleasure...*

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Charlie Factor - A Recommended Read!!

A new review! I cannot say thank you enough to those of my readers who have enjoyed and fallen in love with Charlie and Gregory.

Tina says:
The Charlie Factor by Diana DeRicci is the first book in the Beach Duo series and a book I won’t soon forget.  Charlie is a character who is very real and believable; I never wanted his story to end.  He has so much depth and different layers to his personality, which make him memorable and lovable.   He’s overcoming a lot of adversity and is strong enough to see the sunshine in life.   
Gregory is equally strong; he just doesn’t know it yet. Taking a chance on Charlie is the best thing Gregory has ever done. Together they can overcome and be much more than they are separately.  Their coming together seemed very natural and believable. I could practically feel the heat coming from the pages. I highly recommend this book to anyone who truly loves to read man romance. It’s beautiful and memorable; I think you’ll love it as much as I do. 

Buy it here

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New! DEEP, an erotic sci-fi romance by Linda Mooney


An Erotic Sci-Fi Romance Novella
From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Word Count: 39.7K

As one of Earth’s Galactic Enforcers, Lawn Bascomb is assigned to Area R6Y6 for the duration of one year. Her only companion in this desolate section of space is Deep, her sentient Vogt ship.

The Vogt line is an experimental breed of unique vessels, each with its own artificially enhanced intelligence, created specifically for use at the deep space guard posts. Able to project himself in holographic form, Deep is not only Lawn’s sole fellow crew member, but he is also her confidant and friend. It isn't long before he becomes her lover.

But their tenuous arrangement is suddenly and fatally shattered when their post is threatened by an unknown and perhaps alien force. Lawn and Deep soon face the realization that, in order to save Earth, one—or both of them—must die.

Warning: Contains ship sex, governmental cover-ups, an orgasmic indoctrination, temperamental buoys, self-sacrifice, alien invasion, and doing the 9-to-5 in the buff.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wild Wild Widow by Emma Jay

Rebecca Chatham is no stranger to scandal. She and her husband delighted in shocking San Francisco society with their sexual exploits, not hard to do in 1888. But now her husband is dead. He left her penniless, forced to live under her wealthy father’s thumb. While searching for a protector, she once again becomes the focus of society gossip, and her father exiles her to her brother’s ranch in Central California.

Rebecca is miserable, until she meets the very handsome, very virile ranch foreman Judah Merrill. A real cowboy. Though she’s aware of their differences in status, she pursues him with a single-mindedness, until he catches her in the creek (and in the barn and on horseback). But what happens when she falls in love with him? Will he accept her wild wild heart?

Available at:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Ghostly Charm's Inspiratation

A Ghostly Charm, releasing today from The Wild Rose Press, started as a dream. I dreamed that Dean was running a ghost tour for Halloween, to help support he and Sam's demon-fighting job. I started writing it, may even have finished it that way, but it didn't really work for me. I know I completed it, but let it sit. It wasn't ready. Then another writer friend came up with the idea of having connected stories, based on a cursed object from an antique shop, and I pulled this up and started again. This time I thought--what if he led the ghost trips and DIDN'T believe in ghosts? That made writing the story a lot more fun, as was cutting the word count to pick up the pace of the story.
Here's the blurb:
An isolated island off the coast of South Carolina, a cursed Celtic symbol, a ghost tour led by a handsome charlatan, and a reporter determined to debunk anything supernatural come together in A Ghostly Charm.
Maddy Saunders has come to McDavid Island on assignment for a new magazine, wondering how she’ll ever rebuild her ruined reputation by writing about ghosts.
Mal Sheridan leads a ghost tour to bring business to the island for his sister’s New Age shop. Business is good as long as no one is looking too closely. When his creative stories start to come true, he has to figure out why there are ghosts where there weren’t before.
Maddy decides to help Mal figure out why this is happening, while fighting her attraction for this inappropriate man. She has to put her faith in Mal, in something she never thought she could believe, to break a curse.
Available at: Barnes and Noble
The Wild Rose Press

Monday, September 5, 2011

Peter and His Wolf - Just 99 cents!

Remember hearing the musical story by Prokofiev when you were in elementary school? About the boy who lived with his grandfather, and who captured a wolf by the tail? Did you ever wonder if the story was real? Did you wonder whatever happened to the wolf? More importantly, did you ever try to guess what happened to Peter after he captured the wolf?

This is the real story that was never told...until now.

This little quickie is published by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
and only 99 cents!

Now Available at All Romance ebooks and BookStrand, and coming soon to Amazon!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flesh Wounds by Robin Badillo

Hello everyone. 
I'm not new to Texas ARF, though I am new to posting here. I hope to change that and show my face around here a bit more often... but don't worry, my mama raised me right so I'll try not to wear out my welcome. 
I normally write Paranormal Romance of the "vampire" persuasion, but coming September 15th, I will have my first Mainstream Contemporary release hit the e-publishing world as "Flesh Wounds" makes its debut. The story is set right here, deep in the heart of TEXAS, too!!
If you don't mind, I'd like to share a little of it with you now. Enjoy!!

After five years away, Julia Benson has finally come home. Facing the painful memories awaiting her in the small Texas town is nothing compared the mess she’ll make when she gets there. Dealing with the ripple affect leaving caused the ones she loved is just as hard as dealing with being abandoned by a father who wasn’t everything she’d believed him to be.
Dylan Banks was the boy from across the street who’d loved Julia since they were twelve. She was the only girl for him and the only one he couldn’t have. Unable to repair that broken part of the girl he loved so much from afar, he now had a second chance to fill the void the only way he could… love her until she got it through her thick skull that not every man was like her father.
Can love really repair all that has gone wrong in Julia’s life or are some wounds just too deep to heal?

With the towel held above her head to block the torrents of rain, Julia ran around Garret’s car toward Dylan’s truck. He met her on the passenger side and opened the door.
Dylan glared at Garret, whose eyes never left Julia as she ran from the safety of his car.
Garret flipped a short wave to him as he pulled away.
A jealous fire ignited in Dylan’s gut.
He rushed back around and jumped inside. “I was afraid you had gotten it started and tried to drive home in this alone.”
Julia pressed her lips together and glared back at him with a seething scowl.
“I’m glad you’re safe.” Dylan fumbled with the radio trying to stop his hand from shaking.
“If I’d known you were coming, I would have called to let you know you needn’t bother.”
“It’s no bother, Jules.” He swallowed the air that had become trapped in the back of his throat.
“Why do you always insist on rushing to my rescue?” She jammed the seatbelt clip into the latch.
“Rescue you? Your mom asked me to give you a ride so you wouldn’t be stranded out here in this mess.” He inhaled deeply. The anger he had felt for her when she left him Monday night slowly regrouped and formed a ball in his gut. “I can leave you here if that’s what you want.” His hand sat idly on the door handle. Push me, Jules, just push me, and see what happens. Wild angry thoughts whirled in his head, thoughts on which he’d never act.
Her eyes studied him keenly. Her rigid shoulders softened and she sat back shifting her gaze to the rain pouring outside.
“All right then. I’ll take you home.” He put the truck in gear and pulled away from the school. “I’ll have Grady tow it to the shop in the morning after the storm clears out.”
“You don’t have to do that. I’ll call him.”
“I don’t mind, really.” He glanced over only to see her jaw clench tightly. He was pushing her buttons and strangely enough, he liked it.
The twist in his side pressed against his ribs. “You haven’t been around much this week.”
“I’ve been busy.” She didn’t look in his direction at all.
“With that guy?” He knew the second the words left his mouth he’d said the wrong thing.
“I don’t see how it’s any of your business.”
“It’s not. I just thought that if we were going to be friends, you would’ve at least said hello or something.”
“Hello,” she said with a softened tone, but still one that scratched at his heart.
“I’m trying here, Jules.”
“Nobody asked you to.”
Dylan’s anger jolted through him and he immediately pulled the truck over to the side of the road.
“What are you doing?” Her eyes widened and she stared at him with an open mouth.
“I’m not going any farther until you stop acting like this,” he growled. He threw the gear into park.
“Acting like what?” She unfastened the seatbelt and scooted to the edge of the seat.
“Acting like something completely phenomenal didn’t happen between us.”
“I told you that if we were going to be friends, you would have to forget what happened.”
“I can’t forget something like that.”
“Well that’s too bad.” She jerked open the door and bolted out into the pouring rain.
Dylan scrambled out of the truck and ran after her. She barreled down the street in front of the truck. The headlights captured the pink flesh of her thighs under the wet, thin dress she wore. Dylan’s hand clasped a slippery arm and pulled her to a halt.
“Stop!” He drew her back.
“Let go of me,” she hissed through clenched teeth.
“Not until you look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t feel it, too.”
Water drenched them both as they faced each other in the driving rain. Her eyes narrowed and the sea green shade darkened.
“I…I…” She searched Dylan’s eyes, as though trying to find the words to say.
Dylan looked down at his hands locked around her arms.
The way Julia gazed at him he could easily imagine her sliding her fingers across his forehead and moving his long hair away from his eyes.
His chest heaved as his breathing increased.
“Please don’t do this to me, Dylan.” Deep recesses dug in between her brows.
“It’s already been done.”
With that, his mouth assailed onto hers. 

I sure hope that wasn't too much of me too soon. After all, I only come in one size and that's TEXAS SIZED!!
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