Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New! VALL'S WILL, a Sensuously Erotic Sci-Fi Romance Novel by Linda Mooney


A sensuous sci-fi romance novel
by Linda Mooney

A Nion warrior never kills. Never. But this time, she may have to destroy the man she loves.

They found him chained in the depths of an enemy ship. Half-starved, beaten, and abused in more ways than anyone could ever imagine, the man still exhibited a strength of character that impressed his deliverers, including Captain Willis Tayte.

Something about this one, whom his captors called Vall, tugged at her heart. It was too bad she wouldn't have the chance to explore the exciting new feelings he brought to her when she was around him. Her orders were to deliver him to the nearest Regency base, where it would be determined what species he belonged to, and then be indoctrinated into his new life of freedom. He would be returned home, and Will would go back to her ship.

At least, that was the plan, until a ship of unknown origin suddenly appears from out of nowhere and demands Vall in exchange for her life and the lives of millions more. It isn't until she finally discovers Vall's true identity that Will realizes how special he is to keeping balance in the Universe. And how special she has become to him.

Warning! Contains baldness for women, explosions, abandonment, a miracle survival, and the decision to kill the only person she will ever love.

Now available at:
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Barnes and Noble
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Friday, September 6, 2013

New Anthology Featuring Missy Jane!

It's release day! And for the first time I get to share it with three other authors. I'm in a new anthology out today from Just Ink Press called Into the Darkness. This is something kind of different from my other work, a short story that is more paranormal than anything else. There isn't exactly a romantic thread and definitely no hot sex in this one, but I hope y'all like it anyway. ;-)

Here's the blurb:

Ignorance is Bliss by Missy Jane

Discovering your boyfriend has been unfaithful is never easy, but for Natalie it’s a complete shocker. As if his confession of infidelity isn't bad enough, suddenly everyone she meets is telling her their deep, dark secrets. She soon realizes the trinket she bought at the flea market is more than a harmless lump of metal. Now she has to decide if always knowing the truth is worth the heartache or if ignorance is truly bliss.

There are also three other stories by three fabulous authors: Shannon MayerR.C. Murphy, and N. L. Gervasio.
So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and get your copy here!

-Missy Jane
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY, Book 1 of the Battle Lord Saga, is Now Available as an Audio Book!

THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY, Book 1 of the Battle Lord Saga, is Now Available as an Audio Book!

Listen to the incomparable Kate Udall as she reads and narrates!
Three hundred years in the future, mankind still is trying to survive the Great Collision that changed the earth forever. People live in pockets of civilization called compounds, battling the elements and the mutations which have developed over the centuries, trying to live and survive day by day.

Yulen D'Jacques is the Battle Lord of Alta Novis. His duty is to keep his compound and his people safe, which means yearly sweeps of the area to remove any mutated men and animals from encroaching.

Atrilan Ferran is Mutah, a mutant warrior and huntress trained to protect and defend her home from Cleaners, the “normals” who invade the forests to slaughter everything and everyone who gets in their way.
They never anticipated the day when their hearts would collide, challenging and changing everything they thought was the truth. Leading them to the day they would have to prove their love for each other to man and mutant alike.
Warning:  Contains intense cruelty, an avaricious mother-in-law, unbelievable hunting abilities, mutant animals, silken tents, dungeons, denial, and a love that would spawn a dynasty.
Buy Links:
Audible .com

and on iTunes

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meet Missy Jane Tonight!

Come to my book signing tonight and you'll get a cookie! Who can possibly pass up a deal like that? That's right, I'm not above a little bribery to meet some new readers. You don't even have to buy one of my books. Though if you did that would be cool with me. I'll have the above awesome cookies, bookmarks, and business cards with some book info on them. Or if you don't want any of that, just stop by to say "hi". I'll be in the Half Price Books in Humble, TX from 6-8 pm. So after we chat you can look around for your next read. It's a win-win! ;-)

-Missy Jane
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Erotic Fantasy Romance
(ebook) ISBN# 978-0-9859300-4-2   

Word Count: 45,418

Now available at:
 Barnes and Noble:www.barnesandnoble.com/w/knight-of-darkness-linda-mooney/1115810327?ean=2940016684208
All Romance eBooks:
And via PayPal:

Sorrow Knight knew that at any time the U'Nar would attack Earth, but he needed a few more days to come out of chrystasis before he could fight the deadly enemy. With his soul sword, Rall, he and the handful of other Surge Knights would gather wherever the enemy landed, and drive them off this world. A world with so many wonderful sights and surprises. A world that contained a woman named Rachel, who had captured his heart and his imagination, but who was forbidden to him by his laws.

Rachel Grohl often wondered about the skinny, dishwater-blond young man living in the apartment across the breezeway from her. His shyness, as well as his clean but well-worn clothes, tugged at her heart. They'd barely spoken a dozen words to each other since he moved in a few weeks ago, but she had to thank him for helping her the other day. Maybe asking him over to dinner would work.

They shared one dinner, one touch, and one kiss that led to one night of love. A love which could ultimately avert the total eradication of the human race.

Warning: Contains tiny men skirts, lasagna, human metamorphosis, glass table tops, IOUs, comrades-in-arms, bomb shelters, and an invading alien force that will haunt everyone's nightmares.            

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Erotic Romance from Missy Jane!

It's almost here! Heather's Redemption, the sequel I never expected to write, will be available from Ellora's Cave Publishing tomorrow. It's my tenth title from that publisher, so to celebrate I'm giving away a $10 virtual gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner's choice). All you have to do to enter is leave a blog comment and click on this Rafflecoptor link. There are plenty of ways to earn more entries too. Good luck!

And to celebrate more, here's an excerpt: 

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.
Copyright © MISSY JANE, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You shouldn’t be touching me, Zach. Neither of us can afford to be involved with the other and you know it.”

For the barest fraction of a second his heart stopped and the certainty that she knew all his secrets filled him. He quickly pushed that thought away and gave her an innocent grin.

“Sweetheart, I’d be happy to tender my resignation right now if it means I can kiss you again.”

The scariest thing was he meant every damn word. Somehow in the past three weeks she had become more important to him than the job, more important than his professional reputation. And that seriously scared the hell out of him. But she shook her head and moisture pooled in her eyes.

“You know I can’t allow that. I can’t get involved with another employee, especially if it means we’ll lose you. I just can’t.”

He cupped the side of her face with one hand just as a tear slid down her cheek. He wiped it away with his thumb.

“I know this isn’t ideal for either of us. I just can’t seem to stop touching you. But I respect you and your boundaries, especially because I understand why they’re in place. Can I just kiss you again one more time? Please?”

Rather than answer she threw her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. He instantly hardened at her show of aggression and she moaned into his mouth. She fit so perfectly into his arms, even if she was on the thin side. He slid his hands over her back and down to her delectable ass. Every part of her felt perfect.

It didn’t take long for her to pull away and he groaned at the loss. But he let her go because she was the only one thinking straight. All of his brain power had flooded to the more southern regions of his anatomy and he knew he wouldn’t be able to make a good decision tonight. He dropped his hands as disappointment filled him but he offered her a smile anyway.

“Well, if that’s all I get at least it was a good one,” he said.

She laughed without any real humor and pushed her hair behind her ear. The tight French braid she had started the day with had slowly loosened until her golden locks were flowing over her shoulders. He wanted to run his hands through them and hold on tight as he kissed her again.

“Um, yes…it was nice,” she said. “But I’m afraid we can’t do that again. I hope this doesn’t make tomorrow awkward.”

He smirked. “It will, but I promise to ignore it.” She frowned and he reached out to rub the wrinkle between her brows. “I’m sorry, Heather. I’m just being honest. I won’t let on that I want to touch you every time you pass by and I’ll pretend I don’t know how sweet your lips are, okay? But I’m going to keep wanting you and I don’t think there’s anything either of us can do about that.”

She took a deep breath and nodded slowly. “Okay. I guess it’s good to know even if it makes me feel a little helpless.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah. I feel kinda helpless too.”

He motioned to the stairs and she nodded before finally walking up the single flight to her condo. He followed and enjoyed the sway of her ass every step of the way. When she would have stepped toward her door he grabbed her elbow to stop her.

“Just one more? Please?”

This time he met her halfway and wrapped his arms around her small frame. He really didn’t want to let her go. The kiss lasted longer than before, as if she didn’t want to let go either. His tongue slipped between her lips, over her teeth and around her tongue. She tasted like heaven and he was starving for it. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and she whimpered. Finally she pulled back and shook her head. He watched her breasts heave and nearly dived in for a taste but she gently pushed him away.


He nodded even as disappointment filled him again. “I know, I know. I’ll be dreaming about you though.”


He chuckled and turned away, unlocking his door as he fought the urge to grab her again. He had just pushed the door open and was about to step inside when her small hand landed on his shoulder.

“I-I’m sorry,” she whispered and he immediately turned around to face her again.

She was on him again so fast he stumbled back into his apartment with her in his arms. She was kissing him and he quickly caught on to the change in her demeanor. He didn’t know what she was thinking or what had convinced her, but he wasn’t about to argue. He kicked his door closed and somehow got it locked with all his concentration on Heather. She was everything to him in that moment.

“We shouldn’t,” she said between kisses. “But I can’t…help it…”

Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet Three Texas Authors This Weekend!

What's fun, involves gaming, comics, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, literature, art, and all kinds of unique people? That's right, Comicpalooza in Houston, TX. Today is the start of this three day convention that has seriously grown over the past couple of years. This will be my first year attending and I can't wait!

I know it's not easy to see on the above diagram, however I'm sure this will be available on site as well. I'll be just above the "Artist Alley" on the left side of the first floor. I'll be at booth #1831 alongside authors J.D. Faver and Mina Khan.

Aside from signing books and meeting our readers, all three of us will also be on panels throughout the event. I will be on two Saturday: No Right Way to Write at 1pm, and Vampires and Shifters: Why Do We Love Them? at 6pm. On Sunday I'll be on: Prose: The Art and Science of Choosing the Right Words at 12pm, and Kick Ass Heroes and Heroines at 3pm. As far as I can tell most if not all of my panels will be in room 3.

So whether you're a Trekkie, Star Wars fan, Whovian, or none of the above, you should come out to Comicpalooza for a unique and interesting weekend.
-Missy Jane
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

AEquana is Now Available as an Audio Book!

AEquana, my sensuous erotic fantasy romance novel, is Now Available as an AUDIO BOOK! You can get it at Amazon, iTunes, and Audible .com!

(Check out the audio excerpt to hear narrator Guy Veryzer's wonderful voice!)
Sensuous Urban Fantasy  Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count:  69.1K
John Eagletalon had no idea what the government intended when it assigned him to its latest secret project - an icy blonde beauty with a miraculous ability. All he knew was that he owed Uncle Sam fourteen more months of his life, and if it meant being this woman's partner and bodyguard until he'd paid his dues, he'd find a way to endure the ordeal. Until he discovered what the government had been doing to her. And at the same time, discovered he was falling hopelessly in love with her. Now it's no longer a matter of protecting her. It's a matter of keeping her out of their clutches. And making her his.

Warning! Contains a wise Indian saying, cold showers, extreme hazardous pay, corrupt scientists, sorry sons of bitches, chains and collars, things that bite, and a two thousand mile journey that ends in an incredible night of love.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Release from Missy Jane!

Available from Ellora’s Cave on May 15th! The final book in the Love Beyond Barriers series by Missy Jane, Too Much to Lose.


Shayla loves her life in New York. She loves her job, her freedom and her friends. What she doesn’t love is going home to an empty bed every night. There’s definitely a solution for that in Texas…Ben. The only problem is she’s not certain she’s ready for another serious relationship.

Ben fell head over heels for Shayla almost from the moment they met and it was obvious the attraction was mutual. However, great sex is all she’s willing to give. She tests his patience at every turn and his endurance whenever they’re alone together. He doesn’t know what more to offer.
It might take a force of nature and the emotional past coming back to haunt her before Shayla realizes what they have is definitely Too Much to Lose.

A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

-Missy Jane
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

New! The Past's Promise, an erotic M/M time travel by Carolyn Gregg

New Release!

Erotic M/M Time Travel Romance
by Carolyn Gregg
Available from Purple Sword Publications

She found the ultimate love of her in another time...and as a man.

Jessie Wharton is a teacher in the twenty-first century. Or at least she was.
Taking her history class to visit the ruins of a historic fort in west Texas, the scorching heat turned her world upside down.
Suddenly, nothing was the way it was supposed to be. She was no longer Jessie Wharton. She was Jesse Webster. She wasn't a teacher. She was a private in the US Army stationed at Fort Callaghan, a completely functional outpost. And it was 1867.

Worse, she wasn't a she any longer. She was a man. A man who was finding himself falling in love with a fellow soldier named Martin Parrish.
Together, they discovered love in the scorching Texas heat, in a time when the merest breath of homosexuality was enough to have the accused whipped to death...if the native Indians didn't scalp them first.

Go Here For an Excerpt       

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's here!! Lunchtime Sex is available starting today over at Ellora's Cave Publishing. You can buy your copy here.

Passion and fun have been missing from Genie’s life for a long time. Most days she can only hope for a phone call from her college-age son. But that changes when a hot prospective resident walks into her leasing office and turns her world upside down. There’s only one thing holding her back from responding to his advances—his age. He’s only three years older than her son. She should resist…

Nick has just graduated college and hopes for a job in a larger city with more potential. What he doesn’t expect is to find an irresistible woman—who just happens to be the sexy mother of one of his college buddies. Resistance is futile, and he can only pray his friend doesn’t kill him once he finds out. When things heat up quickly with Genie, Nick discovers he must convince her he wants more than a bout of Lunchtime Sex.

A Romantica® older woman/younger man erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New! THE FINAL PLEASURE, a sensuous erotic sci-fi romance by Linda Mooney


A sensuously erotic sci-fi romanceISBN 978-0-9859300-3-5
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 54,000

Now Available at Amazon

Barnes and Noble

and All Romance eBooks

He fully expected to die, until he met a woman who gave him every reason to live.

Those condemned to death are sent to Doora IV, one of four prison moons in the Doora system. Webb Grace realizes that he has less than a month to roam the moon's tunnels before he's taken above and ejected into the airlessness of space. However, before he's released, he is allowed to spend his last night in pure carnal exploration with a Lady Lay.

Myka Tolbert is a Lady Lay. She is one of the few women on the maximum security prison moon who treats the condemned to their Final Pleasure, a last sexual fling, before they’re executed. In return, her sentence is shortened one week. She hopes she lives long enough to earn her freedom.

A chance meeting between her and Webb gives the con more than a reason to live, but also the belief that he can escape Doora IV and his execution. But first, he has to figure out how, and then he has to find a way to bring along the woman who has managed to touch his heart.

They never foresaw all hell breaking loose before he could act.

Warning! Contains expired food, exploding moons, land squatters, dirty dealings, fraudulent contracts, transparent walls, revenge, cold showers, a death board, pink jumpsuits, and life measured in ten minutes intervals.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Montgomery County Book Festival

Tomorrow I'll be heading north to The Woodlands for a book festival! The weather promises to be gorgeous. So, if you're in the area plan on stopping by for a bit. There will be many wonderful authors of various genres on hand to talk books and sign books!

More info here:

And here:

Best of all, admission is FREE!!!

-Missy Jane

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

New! FLY ME TO THE MOON, a sensuous fantasy romance by Linda Mooney

Erotic Fantasy Romance
ISBN #: 978-0-9859300-2-8
Word Count: 12,900

Cost: $0.99

Where does a superhero go to find love?

After years of fruitless searching, Laurel finally went to an internet dating site to look for Mr. Right. What she found was her own personal superhero.

Warning: Contains lasagna and mild bondage.
Now Available at All Romance eBooks
and Barnes and Noble
"Excuse me."

"Sorry." She automatically stepped aside to let the customer enter the restaurant, then realized the person didn't move once she'd retreated. Laurel glanced up to see a warm smile and a pair of dancing green eyes watching her. The face was instantly recognizable, as he looked exactly like his photo.


He laughed as they hugged briefly. Despite its brevity, she could tell the man was in prime physical condition. Hugging him had been like hugging a marble statue, only better.

"Have you been waiting long?" he asked as they entered the restaurant.

"No. Not long."

She discovered that Trent had made reservations. They were quickly seated and left with menus. Without looking at the contents, they both set the menus aside, then realized what they'd done, bringing about more laughter.

"I take it you come here frequently?" Trent asked.

"As frequently as time and my bank account will allow," Laurel said. In the soft glare of the candlelight on the table between them, she was amazed by how handsome the man was. It brought a fresh wave of fear and self-doubt, and she wondered how the date would end. The photo she'd sent him had been done at one of those makeup studios that glamorize the customer before taking pictures. Tonight, she looked nothing like that photo. If anything, after a hard day at work, she probably looked even less like her usual self.

How did Trent feel about dating homely looking women?



He brushed at something on his cheek. There was just the right amount of early evening shadow covering his lower face. It made him appear even more studly, if that was possible. He flashed her an uncomfortable grin. "You were staring at my face like I had something on it."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was..." She gave an embarrassed giggle. "I was marveling at how much you look just like your picture."

"So do you."

She instantly dismissed it. "No, I don't. That photo was taken last year, and I had three people work on me for an hour in order to look like that. Trust me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot."

To her surprise, he reached over and covered her hand that was nervously fingering the stem of her empty wine glass. "Trust me, Laurel. You look exactly like your photo, especially in this light. Your face glows, and you have the most incredible blue eyes I've ever seen. In fact, right this minute, I prefer the way you look now, with your dark hair disheveled and the bright spots of color on your cheek. You look real and natural. Makes me think this is the way you'd appear when you first get up in the morning."

The shock of his statement washed through her, leaving her speechless. His honesty was irrefutable. Before she could respond, they were interrupted by the waiter arriving to take their order. Once he left, Laurel opened her napkin to give her time to think up a response. Finally, the best one seemed to be the simplest one.

"Thank you."

Trent grinned. Or rather, one corner of his mouth turned upward. "I take it you're not accustomed to being complimented."

"N-no. Yelled at, yes. Ordered about, yes. But kind words?" She gave a weak shrug. She started to reach for her water glass when she stopped. The water's surface was quivering. Trent looked down to see what held her attention.


"The water," she told him. "Look. It's moving."

"It's just a small earthquake," he smiled. "We get tremors like this all the time. Are you new to California?"

Laurel shook her head. "No. It's just that something like that is often a precursor to a bigger one."

Trent's smile widened. "Don't worry. I'll make sure nothing happens to you."

The sound of sirens overrode the restaurant's music, and several emergency vehicles sped by. At the same time a beeping noise came from Trent's watch. He glanced at it and frowned.

"Oh, jeez. They would call me in."


"Uhh, my bosses. They probably want me to follow that fire truck and see if I can lend a hand. I told them this was my night off, but does that matter? Excuse me for a moment." He pulled his cell phone from out of his pants pocket and punched a number. "Yes. Uh-huh. Over on the north side, near Blaylock. Got it. Look, I'm tied up at the moment, but I'll get over there as soon as I can. Uh-huh. Okay. Okay. 'Bye."

"Is it serious?" she finally ventured to ask.

"Apparently a gas line ruptured during the tremor. Came up through the street and caused a pile-up. Police are on the scene, and ambulance and fire department are on their way."

"Think The Champion will show up?"

Trent grinned again. "You never know. This is just the sort of thing a superhero like The Champion is good at. Saving the world one person at a time."

Realizing Trent was staying a while longer, Laurel reached over to the basket just delivered onto the table and grabbed a breadstick. "Can you imagine what real life might be like for a person like The Champion?"

"What? You mean private life?"

"Any sort of life outside of fighting crime and all."

"Gee, I never of thought of it, but I'd guess it would be pretty bleak. I mean, you'd have to be like Superman and have a secret identity just so you could have friends and go out on a date." He winced. "A love life would be very dangerous for your partner, which would mean your sex life would pretty much suck."

"Wouldn't you think that after a while, though, the loneliness and emptiness would get to be too unbearable?" she wondered aloud.

"Oh, yeah. I've no doubt it would." He laughed so softly she almost didn't hear it. "Wouldn't it be funny if The Champion turned to a dating service like the one we did?"

"Actually, I think it might be a perfect solution. Using the dating service to find someone who is so much like you that when a call goes out for The Champion to help, the other person understands and waits for you without question or reservation."

"It would be a dream come true, in a way." He continued to stare out the front window.

Laurel noticed how antsy he was quickly becoming. "Trent, listen, if you have to leave to go tend to that accident, I understand."

"No. No, I promised you a nice dinner at a restaurant, and I'm a man of my word. The emergency crews can get along without me." He started to say more, when her own phone went off. Rather than answer it, she took note of the number, then put the cell on vibrate and stuck it back in her purse.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" he asked.

"No. I know who it is, and I can probably guess what he wants. I'll call him back later."

"What was that ring tone? It sounded familiar."

"'Fly Me to the Moon'. It was a Sinatra hit many years ago," she said.

"Ah, right. Now I remember it. Odd that it would be your choice."


"My default ring is 'Come Fly With Me'."

"Really? Why that one?"

"Because I have a love of flying, just like you do."

Laurel smiled as she took a sip of water. She was comfortable with the guy even in person. Their easy banter came so naturally, it was refreshing.

He could be the one. My own personal superhero. My lifesaver. The possibility made her heart speed up, and she could feel the heat building between her legs.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New! The Virgin Sacrifice, a humorous erotic fantasy romance...with a dragon.

The Virgin Sacrifice
A humorous, erotic fantasy romance
By Carolyn Gregg
Now Available from Red Rose Publishing

Erotic Romance: Paranormal Romance, Dragons, Alternate World, Fantasy, Fairy Tale
ISBN: 978-1-4543-0251-3
Word Count: 8,188

Pages: 45

Centuries ago, the town of Vistoller was nearly destroyed by dragons, until the townspeople realized that the attacks ceased once a young maiden was swept away by the creatures. Since then, every year, on the cusp of the autumn moon, a virgin is prepared for the dragon's arrival, to ensure another bountiful season without retaliation.

Except this year, the creature has no idea what it's being offered when it's presented with Ilisi. Neither does Ilisi know what to expect when the creature takes her away.

They’re both in for the surprise of their lives.

Closer and closer the dragon approached. Its immense wings seemed to fill the sky as the creature loomed closer. Before too long, it blocked out the sun entirely, and Ilisi could finally look at the enormous monster as it dipped and turned to circle the site.
It didn't spout flames from its mouth, but she knew it could. And it would, if no sacrifice had been offered. It would have destroyed the whole town with a few simple passes, and no arrows or swords could touch it while it swooped overhead.
The dragon reached out with huge talons and grasped the edges of the old castle wall that used to sit on top of the hill. It was here where Vistoller had met its match centuries ago when the first dragons appeared. It was here at the castle's remains where the yearly sacrifice was offered. Where the dragons would land and claim their victims.
It was a powerful and terrifying-looking behemoth. Black scales covered it from head to tail, including the spread wings. Two massive horns curved upward from its forehead, giving the creature a distinctive, evil appearance.
The monster turned its long black snout from one side to the other as it stared long and hard at her. Oddly, Ilisi felt no fear. Only resignation.
Until she suddenly remembered something she'd heard last year.
"Hey. Aren't you supposed to be green? You were green last year."
The dragon gave a throaty huff, then reached out with one claw, snagging the chain holding her left arm. For the first time, Ilisi cringed, believing the creature was about to disembowel her. Or worse, rip her to pieces as it attempted to remove her from the cuffs. To her surprise, the monster snapped the chain, then did the same for the iron links holding her other arm. She was about comment about the release when the clawed foot grabbed her around the waist, and the dragon launched itself into the air, carrying her with it.
Although the claw was scaly, the foot was warm. With her arms freed, she folded them against herself and tried to brave the cold air by snuggling into the dragon's grasp. Her crown of flowers had flown away. Her hair whipped her face and shoulders, and she tucked the ends under her arms.
Below she could make out the tiny figures climbing to the top of the hill to make certain she'd been taken. Maybe they were surprised by the lack of screams. From what gossip she'd heard over the years, the women always screamed when the dragon arrived. Sometimes blood was found smeared on the walls, or droplets discovered on the ground. But there was never a body. Not even body parts. It was as if the dragon devoured the offering whole.
Now she knew better. The creature didn't eat its victim at the site. It flew away with it to return it to a nest or some such place it called home where it could eat her at its leisure.
They flew over more hills, across a vast lake, and soon approached a range of mountains she'd never knew existed. Mountains so high, their tops were covered in snow and clouds. Up here the air was almost brutally cold, but the dragon didn't seem affected. In fact, after it had noticed her trying to bury herself within its grasp, it seemed to understand why, and closed its other foot around her.
The monster flew between the mountain tops, over a deep orange gorge, then across what appeared to be a lush plateau covered in trees. In the far distance she would swear she saw the sparkle of sunlight on water, perhaps from a larger lake or perhaps an ocean. She never got the chance to be certain. The dragon banked to the left and began its descent toward another pair of tall peaks. Flying between them, it began to descend more rapidly into what looked like a lake of clouds.
The wind rushed upward as the dragon dropped through the white puffs, until they suddenly cleared them. Ilisi stared in shock at the sight below. They were inside of what looked like a ring of mountains, where the steep slopes were covered with buildings. Castles upon castles jutted outward from the rock. Turrets sprouted upward like carrot tops all over the mountain sides. And between them flew dozens of dragons. Dragons of all shapes and sizes and colors.
The creature holding her dropped even further, until it leveled off and headed directly for what appeared to be a wide balcony. Huge doors were open and waiting, leading into the sheer face of the mountain.
Letting her go with one foot, it landed on the wide banister encircling the balcony. Then it released her with the other foot. Ilisi stumbled and fell on the marble-like flooring while the monster remained sitting there, watching her.
Seeing that the dragon wasn't about to pounce on her any time soon and eat her, she managed to get to her feet. Behind her, the huge doors led into what appeared to be a bedroom. A strange idea came to her, and she turned around to face the immense black creature.
"What are you? Some kind of pet? Were you sent by whoever lives here to fetch me?"
The dragon tilted its ears forward but made no other movement.
"Where are the rest of the girls you've taken? Did you bring them here, too? Are they inside somewhere? Do they know I'm coming?"
She took a step backwards, closer to the doors. The dragon made no move to stop her.
"Who lives here? Are they expecting me? Hello!" She turned to face the bedroom. "Helloooo! Is anybody here? Hell—"
"You talk too much."
The sound of a human voice at her back shocked her, and she whirled around. The black dragon was gone, but where it had been stood a tall, gangly man with jet black hair.
A tall, gangly, naked man.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Release from Missy Jane!

It's finally here! My first release of 2013 is now available as an ebook from Ellora's Cave Publishing here. It's a part of their Blush line, but don't let that deter you. I promise there is still some steamy lovin' between Elle and Hank, just not as much as in my other books.
It's the third in my Love Beyond Barriers series but can definitely be read alone. The story of Elle and Hunky Hank is one that just flowed through my fingers with relative ease. I had a great time writing it, though there were a couple of emotional moments. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

-Missy Jane
*Make reading a guilty pleasure...*

Blush sensuality level: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type).
Book three in the Love Beyond Barriers series.

A few months ago I finally moved on with my life and got away from my abusive ex-boyfriend. That should be a good thing, right? But now I’m living with Hunky Hank, my ex’s former friend turned my Knight in Shining Armor. He’s great at everything and treats me like a queen. Unfortunately that makes me feel needy when I’m trying to be more independent. When I need to be more independent. So when I started getting vibes of another woman, I knew it was time to move out and move on. So much easier said than done. It’s not so easy to leave behind the temptation of the most perfect guy I’ve ever known. He’s the only one who looks at me and instead of seeing a shattered image, he sees someone who is too hard to break.
A Blush® romance from Ellora’s Cave

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