Sunday, June 25, 2017

Upcoming Multi-Author Event

What are you doing September 16th? Come join about 50 authors in Coppera's Cove, TX for a multi-genre book signing event.

DATE AND TIMESat, September 16, 2017; 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDTLOCATION: Copperas Cove Civic Center1206 West Avenue B, Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Attending authors (at the time of this posting)

Alathia Paris Morgan

Alicia Michaels

Annelise Reynolds 

Cathlin Shahriary

Cheryllynn Dyess

Cree Nations

Dawn Sullivan

Emery Jacobs 

J.R. Rogue

Jennifer Theriot

Kaitlyn cozzone

Kelly Cozzone

Kris Hack

Kristann Monaghan

Liberty Parker

Lindy Spencer

Lynn Stookes

Mari Mancusi 

Missy Jane

Regina Morris, Janine Gott

Sarah Negovetich

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle 

Thia Finn

TM Smith

Vera Quinn

Xavier Neal

R.E. Hargrave

MJ Francis

ME Carter

Valerie Roeseler

Ashley Nemer

Stacy A Moran 

Pawnie Santana

Andrew Fairchild

Linda Mooney, Carolyn Gregg, Gail Smith

Cooper McKenzie and Susan Walker

Daniella Rae

Genevieve Williams

Patrick Heffernan

Makenzie Smith

S.N. Garza

M.K. Dawn

Marie Skye

Susan Sheehey

Kimberly Packard

C.A. Szarek

Aaron L Speer 

Traci Smith

Sheritta Bitikofer

Also in Attendence:Shelton Cole - Event Photographer - For Combat Boots Pin-up - Tabiatha Ann - Sales Distributor - Brandi BenavidesValerie San Nicolas - Esh - Almendarez - Wease - 1107291.myubam.comThe Frigid Frog Shaved Ice Food TruckBig Dog BBQ Food TruckCopperas Cove Police Department- Doing Kiddo CardsCopperas Cove Fire Department- With an Engine

VIP Tickets - $15 Includes 1 Hour early (11am) admission, tote bag, and after Party

General Admission - $10 (12pm)

Children 12 and under FREE


ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THE CVMA 23-5(Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) they help the local Veterans hospital as well as other vet related causes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Western Romance
Word Count: 39.9K
$2.99 e
(and coming soon to print!)

He gambled and won something more valuable than money. He won love.

It started off as a little R&R on a backwater planet. All Ruce Haulk wanted was a place where he could breathe some fresh air, have a stiff drink, and perhaps while away a few hours at a game of chance. He should have known better. Before he's aware, he's embroiled in the middle of a flesh-peddling scheme, and the woman he "wins" is someone he never expected to find.

The moment Remi Clysonne saw the stranger take on Yarnell and his men single-handedly, she knew he was her only chance at escaping. She doesn't blame him when he doubts her claim that she's there to bring Yarnell to justice. What's more, she suspects there may be another reason why he's reluctant to offer aid.

What should have been a brief layover quickly becomes an all-out struggle for survival as Haulk and Remi battle their way out of an increasingly tangled mess. But the secrets they're keeping from each other may tear them apart before they manage to get away from this world and to safety.

Warning! Contains a clothes swap, levitating locomotives, watery soup, a pretty silver star, thousand-degree heat, attack dirigibles, and two people totally unprepared for whatever the future might hold for them.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New! I'M NOT EHRYNN ROSE, a Sensuous Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance by Linda Mooney


Sensuous Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance
by Linda Mooney

Word Count 38.2K
$2.99 e

Not feeling well, Nadia Logermeyer, a twenty-eight-year-old dental assistant living in New York City, lies down to rest, only to wake up in the Houston, Texas. In someone else's body. With someone else's name. And with someone else's husband.

She has no idea how or why she's now Ehrynn Rose, or why Ehrynn tried to take her own life. All she knows is that as soon as she's able, she needs to return to NYC to find out what happened to her own body. 

But that's not the worst of it. She's falling in love with Nash Rose, Ehrynn's husband. Unfortunately, the couple are in the midst of a sticky divorce, and her claims of a body switch are only making things more complicated.

She's not Ehrynn Rose, but it's quickly getting to the point where she'd give anything to be her. It isn't until she discovers the real reason why she tried to commit suicide that she realizes the danger isn't over yet.

Warning! Contains a prenuptial agreement, a monkey-shaped birthmark, visits to pawn shops, high-end fashions, long-distance revenge, and an incredible circumstance that threatens a new-found love.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New! NEVERWYLDE, The Rim of the World, Book 2, by Linda Mooney

The Rim of the World, Book 2
Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance
Word Count:
$3.99 e

Worse than losing his life would be to lose the woman he loves.

Stranded on a half world in an unknown galaxy, seven Terrans and four Seneecians have declared an uneasy truce. But when three more Seneecians arrive at the temple, including their leader thought to be dead, the balance of power suddenly shifts.

The Seneecian D'har immediately assumes command, and he makes it clear the Terrans are now under his jurisdiction. Everyone must obey his rule as he takes full control of their weapons, their lives, and the only female, Kelen. But when Kyber announces that he and Kelen have mated, Kyber is banished from their midsts.

What follows is a harrowing ordeal as Kelen Chambliss fights to be reunited with the Seneecian who has claimed her heart, and Kyber struggles to survive long enough to get her back.

Warning! Contains pink crackers, tyrannical commanders, click!, twinkling lights, secret tunnels, scorch marks, and two people determined to break all the rules if it means they can be together.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New! UNDERSILVER, a Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance by Linda Mooney



Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 56.7K

The planet had secrets it never revealed, until it was too late.

Centuries ago, mankind's only hope for survival were the seven vessels specially fitted to send the last survivors of Earth to a planet named New Earth. Seven space ships that became floating cities once they landed on the water-only world teeming with edible seafood, as well as dangerous creatures.

Lt. Jace Novick, of the ship UnderPlatinum, is sent to sister ship UnderSilver to see if he can help find a possible solution to their growing problem. Food is beginning to run low, catches are scarcer, and the tension between ships is increasing as starvation becomes imminent.

Lt. Commander Rhone Derth has created a security device called wrap shields to protect Silver from repeated attacks by the planet's hostile monsters. But it seems the shields are also keeping the fish away as well. Jace believes he has an answer, but it means he and Rhone must work together despite Rhone's antagonism toward him, and the short time he's been allotted before he must return to his own ship.

Together, they try to discover a way to survive as the other vessels turn on each other in a desperate battle for the last of the dwindling food supply, not knowing that another, more malevolent being is watching them from the depths.

Warning! Contains loss of oxygen, vicious sea creatures, massive destruction, scientific theories, near-drowning, subsonic bursts, questionable seafood, alien artifacts, and two people trying to survive what could be the complete annihilation of their species.

Click here for excerpt and buy links.

Monday, May 4, 2015

New! NEVERWYLDE, a Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance by Linda Mooney


The Rim of the World, Book 1
A Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 45.6K

Two species, bitter enemies, are determined to destroy each other, until they realize they need one another to survive a major catastrophe.

As they race through a nebulous anomaly in the midst of a major battle, the Terrans and Seneecians are blown through a wormhole to crash land on an uncharted world. A half world. A world containing the remains of a long-dead civilization.

Lt. Kelen Chambliss knows she has no reason to trust the furred, humanoid creatures, but she and her crew members cannot survive without their help, and the Seneecians cannot survive without theirs. Neither can she ignore the fearsome-looking one called Kyber, with his wicked talons and piercing green eyes.

As they slowly come to realize there is no escape or forthcoming rescue from the barren planet, Kelen learns there is much about the enemy she never knew. Including the fact that Kyber's formidable appearance hides a strong, brave, and caring heart.

Warning! Contains glowing glyphs, blue pancakes, eye worms, endless tunnels, and two people of different species daring to take their last and only chance at love.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Release: Desiring a Demon

It's here! I'm very happy to present my newest release from Entangled Publishing, Desiring a Demon. This is the sequel to Trusting an Angel, and part two of my Archangel series. 

Loving her is forbidden. Leaving her is impossible...

Raphael is the Archangel of Justice, a champion of humans and a warrior who has kept demons from the human realm. Having a half-demon hiding in his home is strictly verboten. And the fact that he can't keep his hands off her? Well, sometimes the war between good and evil is best fought between the sheets...

Astaroth Sinclair's demon side is taking over, staining her entire body red and raising her body temperature hot enough to incinerate her clothes. Even more complicated is the fact that she is helplessly and hopelessly in love with Raphael—even if they have nothing in common other than explosive chemistry. 

But when Asta starts digging for answers, she sets off a chain of events that no one could have foreseen. Now her love for Raphael will either save the world...or destroy it.

Buy it here.
And here.
And here.

I will also be celebrating my new release over at Bitten by Books on April 30th. Join me for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Missy Jane
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